Hello readers! Enjoying the new layout?

Now that we have our stylish new redesign, we’re looking for additional staff to help us produce content for it. We’re looking to expand our news team.

Please only apply if:

  • You have previous writing experience.
  • You are aged 18 or over.
  • You are fluent, experienced and creative in your use of the English language.

And you are able to:

  • Write a minimum of 1-2 news posts per week.
  • Remain committed to this position for a decent amount of time.
  • Keep in frequent contact with the rest of the staff using our online chat room. You are expected to co-ordinate with us as a team, not independently.
  • Be willing to step in for our weekly features if required (Music Monday, Fanart Friday, ZU Bazaar, and possibly more in the future).

Does that sound like you? Nice! Send us your application to [email protected] with the subject header “News Reporter Application“. Here’s what you need to include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • A detailed (but not unnecessarily long) overview of your previous experience. We want to know about your writing experience above all, but feel free to also tell us about any previous unrelated employment.
  • Links to samples of your work, if possible.

It may take us a little while for us to decide the most suitable applicants, so please don’t feel discouraged if we don’t respond straight away (and please don’t spam us with repeated entries; it won’t help you!). It may take up to a week or more before we pick you.

Please note: Our current Jobs page is outdated and still under construction; hence why the requirements here may contradict those found on that page. Please only follow the instructions and guidelines within this post. Also, please note we are looking for news reporters; not to be confused with feature writers, who produce original articles.

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  • CEObrainz

    The above article says only apply if you have previous experience writing, what exactly is considered past experience? I’d be very interested in reporting news for this site depending on that answer.

    • Reece Heather

      Great question!

      Experience I’d consider valuable would be any prior contributions to blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. Basically, anything that demonstrates your news writing ability.

      If you happen to write as a hobby but don’t have a platform to publish your work (like the examples above), you can also just send in attachments of any reviews, opinion pieces, or other projects you have written. Maybe even a college assignment. Ideally, we’d like to see your news reporting skills — but even any kind of fiction you’ve produced could be valuable in demonstrating your writing skills.

      • CEObrainz

        Fictitious content is right up my street, I have a book (unpublished) that I could use as evidence for my writing ability. I’ll have to see what I have lying around on my computer and send it in, hopefully it’s good enough. Thank you!

        • justinpr1234

          i hope you get in 🙂

          • CEObrainz

            Thank you, if you’re applying I’ll be rooting for you as well!

          • justinpr1234

            1. too young
            2. not enough writing xp
            3. no number 3

          • CEObrainz

            Ahh that’s a shame. But it’s easier to build a portfolio showcasing work before you need it, that way you can quickly outshine others when you do apply for something in the future…

          • Morgan

            If in doubt, write a mock article as an example to showcase your news writing ability. I had experience before hand but when I wrote for my first site, I was flying blind lol. It’s an adjustment but you may find you excel at it.

          • CEObrainz

            Writing to practice and writing for someone else really is two different experiences. It doesn’t help that different sites could be looking for a specific writing style and yours may not mach their expectations.

            P.S: Why isn’t there no article on the Mario Kart Promotion yet, that’s basically a free copy of WWHD for anyone that still hasn’t got it yet?

          • Morgan

            Long story short? This is why we’re hiring.

            That’s somewhat true but we have a whole style guide that guides you through the formatting; we all have different writing styles and I know when I started writing news I was DEFINITELY not a news writing person, though I had some experience before coming here. I wouldn’t worry about that too much.

  • Luke

    Is there any time frame/deadline for when you will choose the reporters ?

    • Reece Heather

      Well, there’s no real strict deadline, but the sooner the better. I’d say that I will have probably selected most (if not all) of the best candidates within a week after this post.

      That said, if anyone is late reading this or preparing their application, still send one as you still may have a chance. Anyone is free to apply at any time of the year really; you’re just more likely to be hired when we actually request applicants (like now).

  • Melena

    Good luck, applicants!

  • Kristie Hale

    If we were to get the position, how would we know what to write about?

    • Amanda

      Good question, we maintain a compilation of leads and sources that is frequently updated, and we’re always actively on the lookout for new information.

  • postedhere

    What is the pay scale?