The Legend of Zelda series has always been famous for its incredible soundtracks, as Music Monday proves every week. It is nice to know that fans are enjoying it, but while Symphony of the Goddesses has brought us several concerts which were so impressive that even people who weren’t fans of the series went to see them, M. Bulteau has started a project to top this. In 2012 he started off with the idea to turn Majora’s Mask into an opera, and now he has released seven demos and is steadily progressing with his project.

The opera features Kafei as the main character and tells the story behind Majora’s Mask from a different point of view. You follow Kafei through the story starting from the day his mask gets stolen, witnessing how he travels through Termina in order to retrieve it in time — before the carnival starts! Unlike in the game, Link does not appear during the opera, and as such does not influence the fate of Termina’s residents. Instead of Link, Kafei meets the people whom the Hero of Time has helped during his quest. How will everything unfold without him?

By now M. Bulteau managed to get his process bar way ahead. In a recent update, he reveals that the first and the second act are both done and he managed to create a definitive audio. Furthermore, the video part of the project had been partially worked on for over a year with a few breaks in between and by now he’s doing the last changes in order to get everything together and prepare the final result for revision.

“Majora’s Aria has a definitive audio, and the video is undergoing finishing touches.”

As part of this process, some demos will receive a complete or partial makeover. Especially the first two demos, which didn’t feature any operatic singers, will be completely redone. Each demo gives us a sample of what we can expect from the opera and also gives insight into another part of the story.

The last one, number seven, was actually intended to be the first demo released, introducing us to the story’s plot and setting.

As fast as his project has been revised, M. Bulteau intends to request support or permission of Nintendo. Up to now he expects the whole opera to have a final length of 3 and a half hours. Even if the fate of the opera is still unknown at this point, it’s incredible how much effort and work went into this project.

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