PAX is the poster child for conventions that prominently feature video games. But while PAX may win the award for most well-known video game convention, never underestimate the power of video game enthusiasts to show up in spades at smaller venues, even if those venues aren’t necessarily centered around video games. Sakura-Con took place this past weekend in the heart of Seattle in the very building that houses PAX Prime, and the game lovers had a remarkable turn out.

Of course, while the characters from anime series (also the movie Frozen) took center stage, there were more Legend of Zelda enthusiasts there than any other game series, many of whom were cosplaying characters from the recently released A Link Between Worlds. I ran around capturing as many of the cosplayers as I could to try to find the best and the most unique.

A cosplay between worlds

Rarely do the portable Zelda titles see as much love as their console brethren. But A Link Between Worlds is something remarkably special. Outside of Four Swords, I’ve never seen a portable title so strongly represented in all my years of going to PAX and Sakura-Con. Nintendo, this is how you know you’ve made something amazing.

Ravio cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Ravio attempts to take me out with kung-fu.

ALbW Zelda King cosplay Cosplay 2014

Here we find a lovely princess… and her adorable father?

Seres sage cosplay SakuraCon 2014

I get some sagely advice from Seres.

Hilda cosplay SakuraCon 2014

But there’s no surprise, Hilda is the clear star of the game.

Hilda cosplay SakuraCon 2014

A-one, a-two, a-three…

Hilda Pikmin Link cosplay SakuraCon 2014

And would you believe it? There were even more Hildas than just these!

Cosplay in the Twilight Realm

Also strongly represented was Twilight Princess. Ever so slowly, Ocarina of Time seems to be eclipsed by Twilight Princess in the cosplay community, even if good ol’ Ocarina is still so near and dear to our hearts.

TP Link armor cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Anime conventions are expensive enough with all of the dealers and Artist’s Alley — I don’t know how Link could have possibly afforded to be there like this!

Midna cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Midna is being helpful by offering a hand…

Ganondorf Link cosplay SakuraCon 2014

This is the only Ganondorf I found all con, and boy, was she convincing! Would anyone else go for a female Ganondorf as an antagonist?

TP Zelda cosplay SakuraCon 2014

It wouldn’t be Zelda without the princess herself.

TP Zelda Agatha cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Just remember that there’s more than one princess in this game though!

Wind Waker’s Sages of Cosplay

Birds of a feather flock together, and that means that several groups got the idea to cosplay Wind Waker after the recent HD release for the Wii U. Even today, Wind Waker is an amazing game, and it’s no wonder people love the characters from it.

Komali Medli cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Aren’t these two such cute lovebirds?

Medli Tetra Link cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Okay, the King, you’ve interrupted one picture already…

Makar cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Our Sage of Wind prays for our Hero.

Medli Link Postman cosplay SakuraCon 2014

These guys are ready for adventure! Or postal delivery, one.

The Best of the Rest

In reality, there were so many Zelda cosplayers that it was hard to photograph them all and still actually go experience the convention itself. If I stopped to photograph every character I recognized, well, my camera would be out of memory, and I probably wouldn’t have covered half of the dealer’s hall! But here are a few other characters that you might recognize.

Ghirahim cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Ghirahim certainly knows how to strike a pose!

Tatl cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Tatl is feeling a little spunky!

Oni Link cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Fierce Deity Link is teaching biology class about double-helixed DNA.

CDi King cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Can you believe it? Two CD-i Kings! Guess “mah boi” is more popular than most give him credit for, because this cosplay is what all true warriors strive for!

A bunch of posers

Saturday is the big day at Sakura-Con, and it just so happened that Saturday hosted a gigantic Nintendo cosplayer photo shoot. I don’t even know how many people showed up, but it was a lot. Zelda and Mario were the biggest representatives of Nintendo love, but also in the mix were Pokémon, Earthbound, and even Banjo-Kazooie lovers to be had. Here’s some of the mayhem we caused when a bunch of adoring Nintendo fans contemplate what crazy poses we can get ourselves into.

Smash bros cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Weegee doesn’t get any respect.

Nintendo ladies cosplay SakuraCon 2014

The *ahem* ladies(?) of Nintendo…

Villains cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Prepare for trouble… and make it double…

Links cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Not all Links can be Skyward Sword Link. But they sure can dream.

Heroes cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Heroes and princesses unite as one!

Fight! cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Because there’s a battle to be won!

Dark Link cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Dark Link had better wipe that grin off his face fast…

Nintendo gathering cosplay SakuraCon 2014

All Nintendo characters gathered in a show of unity…

Nintendo gathering cosplay SakuraCon 2014

Except wait, the King is a Philips character! HAX! GET OUT OF HERE!

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