Speedrunner Cosmo Wright has done it again! Last month, we reported that Cosmo broke the world record for the fastest Ocarina of Time speedrun, clocking in at 18 minutes, 56 seconds. Less than a week later, he went on to beat his own record, completing the game in 18 minutes, 51 seconds.

His next goal was to complete the game in 18 minutes, 45 seconds. This past weekend, he not only met his target time, but finished five seconds early, setting a new world record time of 18 minutes, 40 seconds.

There are many types of speedruns. Some are tool-assisted, or TAS, utilizing emulators rather than glitches. Cosmo’s run takes advantage of the game’s glitches but does not involve cheats, hacks or tools. In the video below, you’ll notice that he is playing the Chinese version of game, as the text loads significantly faster than the others.

So what’s next for Cosmo Wright? Striving to get his Ocarina of Time speedrun down to less than 18 minutes, 30 seconds.