It’s amazing to think that just 25 years ago, the ability to play video games on the go was a huge deal. With the release of the Game Boy, you could play anywhere you wanted. Plus, you weren’t limited to just one game. Tired of Tetris? That’s okay, just pop out the cartridge and in goes Super Mario Land.

I’m sure many of you remember playing Link’s Awakening or Pokemon on your Game Boy during those long, family road trips. You felt sorry for the kids who didn’t have one and were forced to spend hours in the car listening to the oldies station with their parents. Today, it takes nothing to just download a game on your smartphone to play while you pass the time. It’s thanks to the Game Boy that we now have so many portable gaming options today. Since its release 25 years ago, we went from green and gray pixels to 3D graphics and world-wide connectivity.

Happy birthday Game Boy. Thank you for all the hours of joy you brought us and continue to bring with your influence on gaming today and in the future.

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  • The Doctor

    I’ll forever love those memories of playing Link’s Awakening and the original Pokemon games. My first time collecting the 20 secret seashells, getting to Lavender Town and just standing there for 10 minutes to hear the music… Those were the days.

  • Luciano Gianola

    I never owned one (first console was a GBC), but I do remember borrowing a friend’s to play Kirby’s Dream Land and watching others play Pokémon Red and Blue.

  • Vladislak

    The original Gameboy was the first console I personally owned. I
    arguably have more fond memories of playing that brick-shaped
    masterpiece than any other console. Here’s to you old friend!

    • Amanda

      It’s because of the old Game Boy that I got into gaming!

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Don’t forget how they used to make portable game systems… this baby was built to last, not like our high tech toys now… I remember when I was little, and had just gotten my GameBoy Color so this was useless to me… So I tried to break it open to see how it worked… With a hammer I could not get it open… Now days, you drop a phone from 3 feet from the floor and it’s likely to break 😛

    • Zelda Fan Guy

      P.S. I regret doing this… but at such a young age I had no concept of holding onto something for nostalgia or sentimental value yet… Just happy I still have two working original NES systems yet 😛

    • Amanda

      Those babies were durable! I actually still have mine. I played it for 7 years until I got a Game Boy Color.

  • Monaster

    I miss my Gameboy. My sister stole mine years ago and never gave it back.

  • CEObrainz

    My first experience with handheld gaming was the Gameboy Advance SP with Pokémon and The Minish Cap. Before that I’d been exclusively a home console person and only saw how great portables were that one Christmas morning…