It’s amazing to think that just 25 years ago, the ability to play video games on the go was a huge deal. With the release of the Game Boy, you could play anywhere you wanted. Plus, you weren’t limited to just one game. Tired of Tetris? That’s okay, just pop out the cartridge and in goes Super Mario Land.

I’m sure many of you remember playing Link’s Awakening or Pokemon on your Game Boy during those long, family road trips. You felt sorry for the kids who didn’t have one and were forced to spend hours in the car listening to the oldies station with their parents. Today, it takes nothing to just download a game on your smartphone to play while you pass the time. It’s thanks to the Game Boy that we now have so many portable gaming options today. Since its release 25 years ago, we went from green and gray pixels to 3D graphics and world-wide connectivity.

Happy birthday Game Boy. Thank you for all the hours of joy you brought us and continue to bring with your influence on gaming today and in the future.

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