Musical theatre tells us there’s no better way to express one’s feelings than by song.The Zelda series has some beautiful instrumental music, but sometimes you’ve just gotta sing. This week’s Music Monday features some creative, Zelda-inspired lyrics. Who knows, maybe some day we’ll see Zelda on Broadway.

Amanda’s pick

Nate “NateWantsToBattle” Smith is so incredibly talented. A true entertainer — he plays multiple instruments, has an amazing voice, and creates some really fun covers and parody videos. This week, I picked “Ganon’s Gone,” a parody of “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Phillip Phillips. A song from Link to Zelda, he sings about all the challenges and enemies he will gladly face to save his love and Hyrule. It’s no secret that I’m a total Zelink shipper, so this song makes me oh so very happy. You can download “Ganon’s Gone” and more of Nate’s awesome music on iTunes.

Morgan’s Pick

We all know Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf’s story in Ocarina of Time, but what of Navi’s? In Tessa Violet’s (also known as meekakitty throughout the internet community) song “Navi’s Song (Hey, Listen!)”, we learn of Navi’s forbidden love for Link, a love that never quite comes to fruition. Watch and listen (!) to her struggle with her unrequited love for Link, as well as discover Navi’s true fate in my pick for today’s Music Monday, “Navi’s Song (Hey Listen!)”, by Tessa Violet.

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