Following their showcase of Super Mario Galaxy in beautiful high-definition, Nintendo Life have now decided to show off Skyward Sword in a 1080p resolution.

This is of course purely hypothetical, having nothing to with do Nintendo or any form of official HD re-release. Staff member Rory Cocker produced the video below, comparing this “what if?” version with the standard version.

Despite the official release already appearing visually beautiful, the difference here is rather striking if you crank YouTube’s visual settings to 1080p and watch full-screen on a reasonably sized monitor. While it seems a little soon for a remake, Skyward Sword seems like it could benefit greatly from a future next-gen release. It was a consideration of Aonuma’s in an interview last year, and possibly still could be — and this video certainly makes the concept seem appealing.

For enthusiasts of Wii games getting a visual overhaul, Cocker teased a possible future video in a similar fashion for Xenoblade Chronicles.

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