Ever gone back to the original Legend of Zelda and thought “this is great, but this is just too graphically advanced for me”? Then you are in luck, my friend. Programmer Ben Purdy de-made the NES classic, deconstructing it and taking it down to its minimal components.

The 16 x 16 pixel demake is playable in your browser. Link is now a green block, on a quest to fight other red blocks with his trusty brown block while he traverses through a vastly blocky land. Blocks.

It’s surprisingly amusing to play, assuming you have a basic understanding of how to play The Legend of Zelda and have some memory of where you should go. The minimalised graphics make it difficult to decide what’s what, but this makes for additional challenge.

Purdy made the game during a 48 hour mini-jam over on Ludum Dare, with the theme being “demakes”. Impressively, he made this during a single weekend — in-between other chores. You can go read a technical breakdown of how he made the game over on his blog.

Going back to a stripped down version of the original game, I guess you could say we’re going back to square one. Ha-ha-ha. Ha.

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