The recent Zelda DLC in Sonic Lost World has been gaining a lot of attention of late, with its off-the-wall collaboration of franchises and its various nods to the widely beloved classic Ocarina of Time. Producer of Sonic Lost World, Takashi Iizuka, recently explained to 4Gamer just how this DLC came to be.

“This time, Sonic Lost World is a title that only released on Nintendo hardware, which is an opportunity that I couldn’t believe, collaborating together. This time, the appearance is interesting, as combining Sonic into such a world is extremely foreign, and I wanted to aim at the unexpected.”

A Mario-themed downloadable level may have seemed like a more obvious choice for a Nintendo/Sega collaboration, given that both Sonic and Mario are platforming heroes. This, in fact, was exactly why Iizuka didn’t choose Mario.

“There has been much mix and collaboration of Mario and Sonic in the “Mario & Sonic” series, and they have parts that resemble both games. There was also the idea that the combination of the two might not be that interesting to the audience.”

On top of stating that creating the Zelda DLC was a fun challenge, Iizuka goes on to say that he would love to make more, given the chance.

“In normal production, the hardest part is building up the base of the game. Stages can normally be changed simply by variations, but this time, it was shaped to be a different experience on each stage [of the DLC], which is why it took so long to complete. It’s easy for Yoshi to be in Sonic Lost World, but the music, sound, and soundtrack of “The Legend of Zelda” made the development all the more entertaining and fun. I now feel like I want to make more, rather than just simply one zone. (Laughs)”

He also notes that both the downloadable Zelda and Yoshi stages took around three months each to develop, and he would have included them in the retail release of Sonic Lost World had the development schedule not been so busy.