Bronies and Zelda fans unite as Equestria has a new princess in town. Introducing Pony Princess Zelda, designed by DeviantArt user LadySatine2004. Combining My Little Pony and Legend of Zelda into one adorable crossover, she fashions Zelda from Twilight Princess into pony form. From the elaborate tiara to the tiny embellishments on the dress, LadySatine2004 pays strict attention to detail, using magic sculpt and acrylic paint to create Zelda’s hair, dress, and accessories.


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  • justinpr1234

    LOL this better not be aprail fools…

    • Amanda

      Nope! It’s too cute for an April Fools joke ^_^

      • Soeroah

        Even if it were an April Fools joke, someone actually made it, which means there’s going to be demand for it now!

  • Metal Man

    time to remove zelda universe from my bookmarks

    • justinpr1234


    • justinpr1234

      April fools????

    • Soeroah


  • OrangePocketwatch123

    Bronies have destroyed everything I love. Time to get the pistol.

  • Oleg

    Bah. Everyone is complaining.

    Also, isn’t that Gen 1? …well, guess I’m going to complain, too!