The Philips CD-i is largely considered to be one of the worst video game consoles of all time, but it was never intended to be solely a gaming machine. In fact, in its early days, Philips placed a heavy emphasis on educational titles, music and movies, but as we all know they did attempt to break into the gaming market, and that’s how we ended up with the  CD-i Zelda games. Have you ever wondered how Philips advertised the CD-i itself? Well to start with, they brought in the late comedian Phil Hartman, of Saturday Night Live fame and the voice of The Simpsons‘ Troy McClure, to feature in two commercials, playing a variety of characters. Take a trip back to the ’90s as you watch these.

This commercial places more of an emphasis on the gaming part of the system, and you even get a glimpse of the Zelda titles at the end.