Ever wonder who or what you would be if you lived in the Zelda universe? BuzzFeed’s “Which Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time character are you?” quiz answers your question with surprising accuracy.

Do you exhibit Link’s bravery? Perhaps you have the cunning mind of Nabooru. Or maybe you’re always the center of attention like Navi. Let us know your quiz results in the comments below. I am happy to say that I got Princess Ruto.

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  • Matthew

    i thought that quiz was terrible and most of the questions were pointless. i think it could have been so much better

  • The Doctor

    What!? How in the world did I get Nabooru? 😀

    • Satan

      Woah me too!

  • Chinook Piroh

    what the guy below me said. Gandondorf?
    I am not Ganondorf. Though if I had the chance I’d seriously consider being a supervillan <.<

  • Ryan Haney

    I got the Great Deku Tree: incredibly wise and people are constantly asking me for advice. Well, people do ask me for advice, a lot.

  • Ryan Haney

    What kind of music is “EDM”? What reality show is “ANTM”? I would’ve picked Dancing with the Stars, so I could dance with one of those good looking pro girls.

    • The Doctor

      Yeah, the only reality TV show I watch is Duck Dynasty. 😀

      • Amanda

        I love Duck Dynasty!

    • Anthony Moseley

      “EDM” stands for “Electronic Dance Music” and “ANTM” is “America’s Next Top Model”. I actually had to google the second one.

    • Speightalicious

      EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music.

      Kinda miffed at this test. I don’t watch TV, so I have no idea what any of those reality shows were except American Idol v__v

  • Anthony Moseley

    I got Princess Ruto….

  • Ace

    Ganondorf? WTF? This is the farthest from the truth!!!!

  • Fenrir

    The Great Deku Tree. I got an apology for being killed off so quickly…How about an apology for being a tree who commands Navi?! That’s more of an insult!
    Mind you, I had no idea what most of the TV shows were and the options were somewhat limited on certain questions (and some of those were pretty pointless).

  • Wim Pelkmans

    Weirdo questions…
    Got Link…
    … I ran from chickens… Pissing for undead..

    Not Realy triforce courage is you ask me.

  • Billy Karampoulas

    Epona……sooooo this quiz want to tell me that i am a horse??????

  • aquaisra

    Woot, I got Link!