Who doesn’t love the dialogue found in the CD-i games? And by love, I mean laugh hysterically at the horrific writing. We want to see what you would say if you were writing the script! Write a funny caption for the image below. The two people that we think wrote the most amusing caption will each win a set of PowerUp Pins: Hero Series from Fangamer, which are also on sale right here.

  • To enter the contest, post your caption in a comment to this post for everyone to see.
  • Send the same caption in an email to contest@zeldauniverse.net. This is so that we can contact the winners.
  • Your captions can include dialogue, but the caption should be no longer than five sentences total.
  • You can only enter one caption, once.
  • Entries must be received by March 26, 9am EDT.

We will be announcing the winning entries once they’ve been selected and contacted. If the winners can’t be reached within 12 hours we’ll pick new ones.

With all that said, here’s the image we want you to write a caption for:



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