Majora’s Mask fans may want to watch Operation Moonfall closely over the next week, as the popular Zelda fan collective are planning a new project very soon. In a recent chat with Lyndon Willoughby, a driving member of the group, he teased “an exciting new campaign” and urges people to follow the official Operation Moonfall Twitter.

“Next week we’re starting an exciting new campaign involving some of the greatest Zelda fan artists in the world.”

Lyndon’s last notable campaign was also largely art-focused, with beautiful Majora’s Mask posters sent to Nintendo offices. It’s an area that the man is particularly experienced in, so this new project will surely be an interesting one.

While he is keeping all other details top secret, he does stress that the campaign’s ongoings will be mostly publicised on Twitter. If you’d like to learn more about Operation Moonfall and Lyndon’s passion for Majora’s Mask, he was kind enough to partake in an exclusive interview with me last month.