The Ocarina melodies from Ocarina of Time are some of the most memorable pieces of music in the history of the Zelda franchise. We previously reported on Kim Kev, a duo of two incredibly talented musicians who are spreading the joy of video game music on their YouTube channel. As a special surprise for reaching 100 subscribers, Kim and Kevin arranged and performed five of the Ocarina songs from the Zelda classic Ocarina of Time, including one additional piece: “Minuet of Forest“, “Bolero of Fire“, “Serenade of Water“, “Prelude of Light“, “Nocturne of Shadow“, “Requiem of Spirit“, and “Sheik’s Theme“.

While they are all beautifully arranged, “Sheik’s Theme” may be the best of them all, incorporating “Minuet of Forest”, “Serenade of Water”, “Bolero of Fire”, and “Zelda’s Lullaby” into the melody with the violin for an absolutely gorgeous result. My favorite aspect of the final piece is hearing “Sheik’s Theme” contrast with “Zelda’s Lullaby”, as it puts together two halves of a whole: the character that is Princess Zelda from Ocarina of Time, revealing her true essence by way of music.

Keep up the fantastic work Kim Kev in your endeavor to deliver quality video game music to fans all over the world!

Minuet of Forest

Bolero of Fire

Serenade of Water

Prelude of Light

Nocturne of Shadow

Requiem of Spirit

Sheik’s Theme