Welcome, mah bois and girls, to the CD-ii Bazaar! Here you’ll find the most marvelous treasures in all of Koridai, including the elusive CD-i player, t-shirts, and copies of Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil. Squadala!

CD-i Player

cdi player

In order to play these glorious games, you’ll need a CD-i player. They’re incredibly hard to come by since they’ve been out of production for years. Amazon has a Magnavox CD-i 450 player for $299.99.


cdi link tee

For a truly impressive t-shirt collection, add some CD-i to the mix. Redbubble has a couple of amazing tees by artist helloashwee. One features the ever-so-dreamy Link as he exclaims, “Oh boy! I can’t wait to bomb some Dodongos!”. However, if you prefer something a bit more regal, you can sport a tee with The King of Hyrule’s handsome face. Both designs come in a variety of styles including both guys and ladies fits, baseball 3/4 sleeve, and hoodies. For the little ones, the King design comes in both kids and babies sizes. Prices range between $20.80 to $46.07.

The Wand of Gamelon


Off the Charts Video Games is selling The Wand of Gamelon for $74.99. Considering many copies of the game are going for $200+, this is a pretty good deal. The Faces of Evil is up for sale on eBay priced at $119.99 from collectablesg. Enclosed in a jewel case, both the cover art and liner notes are included.

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