E3 is considered to be the largest gaming event of the year, where many developers and publishers announce new and exciting games that they hope to release in the coming months. However, Gamescom is also an important event, and is essentially the European equivalent of E3; it should be no surprise that many big-name developers such as EA and Ubisoft attend the event ever year. Well today it has been confirmed by pcgames.de that Nintendo will be making an appearance at Gamescom 2014 (you can read an English announcement on Nintendo Everything and Nintendo Life).

The event will be held in Cologne, Germany, and being that Germany is where Nintendo of Europe is located, it’s no surprise that Nintendo often attends Gamescom. Organizers of the event are expecting this year’s Gamescom to be quite large. There has been a 50 percent increase in the amount of exhibitors who are confirmed to attend Gamescom 2014, and these exhibitors have registered from 26 different countries. Tickets for the event will go on sale on Gamescom’s official website from April onwards, and the event will take place from August 13-17.

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