Kezsonaj, the creator of the highly anticipated Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map, was kind enough to sit down with Zelda Universe and talk to us about what inspired the project, what his vision is going forward as he plans to expand the world he’s built, and most importantly, announces when the project will be released and where you can download it! Read on for the full interview with Kezsonaj and find out when you will be able to play Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map.

: Hi Keznosaj! First and foremost, on behalf of Zelda Universe, I want to thank you for taking the time to sit down and talk with us.

: Hey Morgan. It’s an honor to appear on Zelda Universe, and I’m grateful to be here!

: What first inspired you to recreate the world of Hyrule within Minecraft?

: Well what first inspired me to start this whole creation was actually making my first dungeon out of Redstone in Minecraft. I made a concept Forest Temple that had puzzles, a boss room, and key-like switches that would allow access to the next part of the dungeon, and I plan on implementing this into my Ocarina of Time map.

: While your upcoming Ocarina of Time map has become quite a popular story on our site, I’ve noticed on your Planet Minecraft page that this is not your first attempt at a Zelda recreation. What other Zelda worlds have you attempted to recreate?

“‘Zelda Universe’ describes the world I want to build.”

: What I have actually been working on behind the scenes is quite large and ambitious. We already have my Twilight Princess recreation, which will be continually worked on. But behind the scenes we have two more Zelda games in production: Majora’s Mask and The Wind Waker.

: What is your vision within Minecraft for your Hyrule recreation projects? I’ve read that your vision is to connect all the various worlds into one massive MMO-style world. Is this true?

: Well I want to create a Zelda that’s multiplayer. But the first thing I needed to create were the buildings of Hyrule so I could put them into the environment. I want to create a giant Zelda world that is Zelda in full form; concept and canon. Just imagine anything Zelda, and that’s what I want it to be. Stretches of land like Hyrule Field and seas connecting the Zelda world as a whole, and have it playable for everyone to enjoy: that is my vision.


: This is quite an ambitious vision. Is Ocarina of Time the first step in this world you plan to create?

: Ocarina of Time wasn’t the first step. What really started it for me was creating Ganon’s Castle, which had to be my favorite dungeon in Ocarina of Time! I felt that Minecraft struck a similar creative visual style to me as Zelda did so it sparked an ambitious production of Hyrule. “Zelda Universe” is the word that describes what I want to build.

: You’ve recently announced that your Ocarina of Time map for Minecraft will be available for download very soon. Are you prepared to announce a release date for the map?

: It will be available for download on March 8th. A large majority of it is complete, and the next update on it should be completed with all dungeons and possibly some concept dungeons I’d love to add.

“I felt that Minecraft struck a similar creative visual style to me as Zelda did so it sparked an ambitious production of Hyrule.”

: Where will people be able to go to download Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map?

: It’ll be featured mainly on the Zelda Universe forums, but I’m also going to have sub-forums on Planet Minecraft and the Minecraft Forums.

: Is the map exclusive to PC, or will it be available for the console versions of Minecraft as well?

: Depending on how many people want it for console, I’ll have plans on converting it to console.


: I know that we are all looking forward to playing through your fantastic recreation Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule in Minecraft! Thank you Kezsonaj for taking the time to sit down and talk with us about your project. If our readers want to get updates on the status of your current projects, or even announcements of your new projects, where would be the best place for them to look?

: Check it out on the Zelda Universe forums. I’ve decided that this project isn’t meant for those that like Minecraft, but rather those that love Zelda. Zelda Universe is practically the definition of my work.

: Once again, thank you Kezsonaj for your time and best of luck on your future endeavors!

: Thanks again Morgan for the opportunity. This is all a great inspiration to continue my project and I will be looking forward to releasing my future projects on Zelda Universe!


To get continuing updates on Kezsonaj’s Ocarina of Time: The Minecraft Map, as well as the download link for the map which is coming live on March 8th, check out his thread on the Zelda Universe forums. Thank you once again Kezsonaj for taking the time out to speak with us!