The relationship between Link and Zelda has long been debated. Some see the two as a romantic pair, often nicknamed “Zelink,” while others see them as simply friends or even relatives. It’s time to put an end to the arguing and discover the truth. I have definitive proof that Zelink is indeed canon, thanks to evidence found in the CD-i series.

First of all, let’s take Link’s ongoing request for a kiss from Zelda. He wouldn’t be asking the princess for a kiss if he had no desire to be romantically involved with her. Zelda turns him away, but not due to lack of interest. She doesn’t want to kiss him in front of an audience. How would her father, the king, react to his daughter kissing Link? Dads tend to be overly protective of their little girls, therefore she acts uninterested so he won’t be suspicious.

Link won’t kiss just anybody. When other women pull him in for a kiss, he resists. The reason? His heart belongs to the princess!

fat lady

Once Link and Zelda finally have a moment alone, they lean in, but just before their lips meet, Gwonam pops in and ruins the whole thing. Geez Gwonam, take your squadala somewhere else!

So, there you have it. Based on the evidence found in Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil, it’s clear that Link and Zelda belong together, making Zelink canon.

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  • threnody_grey

    If it’s canon in a non-canon game, then it’s not canon.

    • True Davad

      Agreed. The CD-I were not even made by Nintendo so they cannot possibly reflect Nintendo’s canon on any level if Nintendo didn’t even make it. It is no evidence at all.

      • Melena

        Licensed by Nintendo 🙂

        • Dalndox

          They’re only technically licensed by Nintendo. Nintendo shafted Philips on a CD system for the SNES, resulting in a lawsuit from Philips. As part of the deal, Philips was allowed to use several of Nintendo’s mascots for their own games (Mario, Zelda, Link, Ganon, etc).

          In the case of the Zelda games, Philips actually hired out a third-part developer (Animation Magic) to create them. This makes them third-party on TWO levels. To quote the wiki article on it: “The games were given little funding or time for completion, and Nintendo provided only cursory input.”

          This shows that Nintendo didn’t care for what Philips was making, and won’t even talk about them. They’re also absent from the Hyrule Historia.

          So no. Not canon.

          • Kevin

            Exactly. Hyrule Histroia even say they are non canon.

    • Sora


    • Reece Heather

      That’s kinda the joke. Not just in this post, but for CD-ii Month in general. I wouldn’t go taking any of these too seriously. 🙂

      • Morgan

        I take it 100% seriously. Excuuuuuuuuse meeeeee!

  • Oleg

    Isn’t ZeLink canon according to Skyward Sword? I mean, there’s quite a lot of tease there.

    And now I think about it, what about Zelda II the Adventure of Link?

    No? Well okay, you go back to your shacky CDI-based evidence.

    • DocPrologue

      It’s a joke.

      • Oleg

        Oh no. I’m being assaulted by common sense! My ploy’s ruined!

        *runs and takes cover”

        • DocPrologue

          Oh no! My simple, non-threatening, three-word response is being accussed of assaulting someone! My life is ruined!

          *grabs the Master Sword and starts decapitating comment trolls.*

          • Oleg

            Oh come on, man. I’d rather not die just yet, k? :/

  • Kafke

    CD-I games aren’t made by Ninetndo. So it isn’t canon.

    At least use Canon sources in your argument (Zelda cartoon, AoL ending, etc).

    ZeLink works for some iterations of Link and not others. Really just depends on the game.

    • Ryan Haynes

      whoosh, right over your head.

      • Ryan Haynes

        Kafke, march is CD-i month over here, hadn’t you noticed the CD-i Link & King stuck to the top of the page before the reboot?

        This page was made for pure satire, and bringing seriousness to satire just doesn’t make much sense.

  • Parker

    Well, sure ZeLink is canon. In games like, ST, Z2, SS and even the Oracles. But CD-i still isn’t canon xD If there is romance between Link and Zelda, it’s better as the sweet, unspoken kind, not.. this xDDD

    • Luciano Gianola

      AoL Link is gonna have a helluva time explaining how all those village women restored his health.

  • Reece Heather

    “When other women pull him in for a kiss, he resists. The reason? His heart belongs to the princess!”

    There was me thinking the reason was because he was being kissed by some kind of MS Paint abomination created by a monkey 😉 Otherwise, you’ve convinced me fully.

    • Amanda

      Oh c’mon Reece, you know you want those big smoochable lips!