Oh boi! Hello and welcome to the first Music Monday of CD-ii month! The picks today will hopefully start your week off with a bang. Put on your dancing shoes, because the King is heading to the club. So what if its a Monday? Koridai parties all week long.

Melena’s Picks:

My first pick is a remix of the 90’s favorite, “What is Love?” from the movie Night at the Roxbury. “What is love?” is a tough question. “What is mah boi?” is even tougher to decipher. Hop in your car, turn the volume up, and get ready to bob your head to the pounding beat of this glorious remix. There is also an extended version for your listening enjoyment.

My second pick is a personal favorite of mine, simply titled “Your Face” and featuring CD-i Ganon. This sexy tune is a remix of Lady Gaga’s hit song “Poker Face.” Can Ganon make Link’s face the greatest in all of Koridai?

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