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Fun times ahead: It’s been reported that a Zelda-themed Monopoly game is slated for release in late August/early September of this year, in conjunction with the release of other Nintendo themed board games. This collector’s edition game will include oversize tokens and is priced at $45.00. Also upcoming is Connect 4: Super Mario due out this spring ($24.95), and a Pokemon version of Monopoly featuring the Kanto region. I wonder which properties will be featured in the Zelda game. Can I buy Hyrule Castle for 200 Monopoly rupees?

Source: PidgiPress
Via: GoNintendo
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  • Alex McGrath

    I have a feeling there might be a few shortcuts to getting rich quick in this game. Let’s just hope there are no shrubs or long grass around…

  • Edgar Cebolledo

    So this is what Nintendo meant?, instead of smartphone games, boardgames? that is fine by me 🙂

  • CEObrainz

    Will jail be in Gerudo Valley or the Forsaken Fortress then?

    • Mikey Forster

      The Gerudo valley of of course.

  • Simon Kennedy

    I made a Zelda-themed Monopoly game for a school project in Year 7. Haven’t had it out in aaages so will have to do so, cheers for the reminder!

  • tux_peng

    Can I get money by smashing pots?

  • Guest

    im gonna buy up the deku forest real estate

  • Max Nichols

    Hmm. I hate monopoly. But I DO love Zelda. And spending money. On Zelda things.


  • Lazara the Last

    Probably buying two, one to keep unopened and one to use!

  • Natasha

    Today is Monopoly’s 81st birthday!