The Legend of Zelda

Today, 28 years ago, something huge happened: The Legend of Zelda released in Japan on the Famicom. And with the launch of this game, a franchise followed. A franchise that, as this community knows better than anyone, is monumental in its importance to the video game medium and has delivered experiences to players like no other. The original game defined the adventure genre, laying the foundations of exploration, narrative and action-oriented gameplay mechanics. It still serves as inspiration to many game developers to this day, and memories and memes continue to be lovingly shared across the internet.

Had it not been for this game, I wouldn’t be here right now on Zelda Universe writing this post. I have this game to thank for allowing me to have this job, and meeting many new friends with a passion for the series. Zelda Williams, celebrity super-fan of the series and daughter of the brilliant Robin Williams, also decided to give a warm Happy Birthday on Twitter which you can read after the jump.


If you have any fond memories of playing The Legend of Zelda, we’d love to hear from you!

Source: Twitter
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