Qwertee is currently offering a limited Zelda shirt as their ‘shirt of the day’ for just one day only. The shirt seems to be based off of multiple Zelda titles, indicated by the fourth Triforce piece being present on the Hylian Shield from Ocarina of Time, the Baton of Wind near the bottom of the shirt from The Wind WakerA Link to the Past’s iteration of the Master Sword, and the presence of the Harp, which could be a reference to Skyward Sword. The shirt is titled “A Hero’s Legend Quest and was made by Arinesart. It comes in lime green, navy blue for children, and navy blue for the men’s 3XL size. For a mere $12/£8 and a small $3/£2.50 delivery fee, this shirt is an absolute steal. Be sure to order before time runs out!

Source: Qwertee