skyward valentine

Nothing says love like a ghostly hand in a toilet. These Skyward Sword inspired Valentines by DeviantArt user finni are light-hearted and fun. Print these out and give them to your Valentine(s)! There’s even one with Fi saying “I detect a one percent chance we make a compatible pair,” that you can give to that guy or girl who’s always flirting with you but you wish would go away. Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Source: DeviantArt
  • VladNorris

    1% chance? That’s discouraging, not romantic :S

    • DocPrologue

      I think it’s an awkward way of saying “You are one out of a hundred.”

      • VladNorris

        It’s not only awkward, it’s unclear.

        • acurrier

          Agreed. Maybe 50%? Like an invitation where you’re waiting on their response

  • Enjae

    is it just me or does it look like Ghirahim has breasts?

    • Jack Nick Olsen

      Like most humanoid forms, he’s just got the one.

  • Jack Nick Olsen

    If this isn’t the saddest thing in the universe, it’d do in a hurry.

  • Satan

    Lmfao! That Ghirahim one!