ShirtPunch is back with another Zelda-themed t-shirt, this one named “Master Using It”, obviously themed around one of video game’s most famous blades. The shirt is on sale at ShirtPunch for 24 hours only, until Thursday, 11.59PM ET. As luck would have it though, we have two shirts right here that we’re giving away to two lucky winners.

Fi is the spirit of the Master Sword, but what if other items had spirits? What would they look like? Submit your own design of the spirit of whatever Zelda item of your choice, such as the Bow, Boomerang or even the Bombchus. The quality and detail of the image does matter, but it’s not nearly as important as the idea itself–so even if you think you lack drawing and/or Photoshop skills, you can still stand a chance if you enter. The contest rules are simple but as you can imagine, time is of the essense. You only have six hours to submit your entry, as the contest ends at 3PM ET (20.00 GMT).

  • Submit an image (drawn, photographed, Photoshopped or otherwise) that shows the spirit of an item from any of the mainline Zelda games (i.e. no CD-i or Tingle games).
  • Send your image attached in an email to contest[at] along with your name, address and shirt size*, before Thursday, 3PM ET

Good luck!

*By submitting your images to us, you agree to let us post the images in a contest gallery on our Facebook page. We will not keep or share any of your personal information and to protect your privacy, all emails will be deleted after the contest is over.