We all knew that this was coming. Friday is the day for this year’s Valentine’s Day, so this Monday will be themed in accordance with that. After searching high and low for the most romantic bits of music in the Zelda series, we have picked two that should bring forth some emotion. Hit the jump to listen!

Mark’s pick:

Skyward Sword is definitely the game containing the most romantic content between our hero and Zelda, and the music was up to spec. The tune I picked out is the Romance Theme played in the first portion of the game. YouTuber thomandy has put together an astoundingly gorgeous piano rendition of this theme. If you enjoyed the bits of romance from Skyward Sword, then this should be a real treat!

Amanda’s pick: 

There’s no way I could pass up a chance to feature one of my favorite Zelink music videos. I just think Link and Zelda were meant to be. Skyward Sword did an excellent job at showing us how much the two love each other. I hope you have tissues at the ready, because this Skyward Sword video by AbsolLugia set to “A Thousand Years” is absolutely beautiful, perfectly describing Link and Zelda’s relationship.