As many of you probably already know, Nintendo hasn’t been doing too well lately, and this has led some to question whether Nintendo can be successful in 2014. In an interview with EDGE, Amazon UK’s category leader of video games and software, Ketu Paul, spoke on how he believes the worry about Nintendo’s future is merely PR thunder, and not related to the company’s sales figures. Hit the jump to learn more about what Mr. Paul had to say.

Mr. Paul believes that Nintendo is here to stay, and though the company may not meet their own expectations, the company still has a strong software lineup and strong hardware to pull through:

“Contrary to a lot of people’s opinion, Nintendo is here to stay and Nintendo will do very well this year[…] They’re not going to meet their expectations, absolutely, but they’ve still got strong franchises and strong hardware and if you look at the back end of last year when they had a fairly good release slate, it certainly drove their hardware. 3DS has done very well for us so that format is here to stay.

Although Mr. Paul did admit that the Wii U wasn’t selling very well, he did point to the success of the 3DS as a positive; it was the best selling console of 2013. He believes that the strong sales of the 3DS is proof of the company’s success, and that Nintendo can continue that success into the future:

“I think Nintendo have this [negative view] imposed on them and it’s driven by a lot of the media, and the media drives perception[…] Nintendo are getting a lot of bad press and PR and as soon as anything negative is out there it’s a media frenzy. It diminishes what they’ve actually done. If you look at 3DS as a format, it has done very well last year – had that sort of performance been with Microsoft or Sony, my personal opinion is that everybody would be thinking ‘wow, what a fantastic job’. Because it’s Nintendo and they’ve been embroiled in this negative PR frenzy, everyone thinks it’s a dying format. It’s absolutely not.”

Do you believe with Mr. Paul’s assessment of Nintendo? Is the media blowing Nintendo’s dim future out of proportion? Is there nothing to worry about at all? Let us know in the comments!

Source: EDGE
Via: Official Nintendo Magazine
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