Some people just have an urge to prank others, and this time it happened to be a gamer. An employee of the local EB Games store in Montreal slipped the box art from The Wind Waker HD into a PS4 game case. As you can imagine, this probably had some people scratching their heads. I know there are gamers out there who may not find this humorous, but I certainly got a kick out of this story.

Source: IMGMR
Via: GoNintendo
  • Riddik

    The butthurt fanboy responses in that article are priceless!

  • Jusome

    I’d immediately would have thought of a fake from China, but would never have expected it to be real.

  • Chris

    And that’s why I love being french Canadian 😀

  • Erick Gonzalez

    XD thats too funny man

  • Sdudyoy

    I don’t see why anyone would get mad over this, unless they tried to sell it, other than that It’s a funny innocent prank.