Make way for Music Monday’s marvelous Majora’s Mask melodies! How’s that for some alliteration? Majora’s Mask is arguably the darkest game in the Zelda series. Such a tragic story needs a strong soundtrack. The music is part of what drives the story forward. We hope you enjoy!

Amanda’s pick:

What I like most about the Clock Town theme is its initial cheerfulness. I know, it’s not a happy-go-lucky game, but that’s what makes the song so incredible. It creates soundtrack dissonance, my absolute favorite effect in media. I love this harp cover by SamiaAntha. It sounds so innocent, completely oblivious to the terror and destruction that lie ahead.

Mark’s pick:

A little over a year ago, Theophany released a redone Majora’s Mask album. To say that this album, Time’s End, was fantastic would be an understatement. This particular track is especially beautiful and moving. All of the emotions and darkness found in this game are wrapped up in this bit of music. Enjoy!