With the recent financial troubles and slow sales of the Wii U, it is easy to forget that Nintendo has historically had terrific sales numbers. IGN has compiled the hardware sales, software sales, and attach rate for every Nintendo console and handheld, as well as the sales of some of Nintendo’s recent software. The data tells some interesting things about Nintendo and how successful the company has been in the past. Hit the jump for the full scoop!

The following chart describes the hardware sales, software sales, and attach rate of every major Nintendo console and handheld to the present day:

“Console: NES/Famicom | Hardware Sales: 61.91 Million | Software Sales: 500.01 Million | Attach Rate: 8.08

Console: Game Boy | Hardware Sales: 118.69 Million | Software Sales: 501.11 Million | Attach Rate: 4.22 

Console: SNES/Super Famicom| Hardware Sales: 49.1 Million | Software Sales: 379.06 Million | Attach Rate: 7.72

Console: Nintendo 64 | Hardware Sales: 32.93 Million | Software Sales: 224.97 Million | Attach Rate: 6.83 

Console: Game Boy Advance| Hardware Sales: 81.51 Million | Software Sales: 377.42 Million | Attach Rate: 4.63 

Console: GameCube | Hardware Sales:21.74 Million | Software Sales: 208.57 Million | Attach Rate: 9.59 

Console: DS | Hardware Sales: 153.98 Million | Software Sales: 942.32 Million | Attach Rate: 6.12 

Console: Wii | Hardware Sales: 100.9 Million | Software Sales: 892.34 Million | Attach Rate: 8.84

Console: 3DS | Hardware Sales: 42.74 Million | Software Sales: 152.29 Million | Attach Rate: 3.56

Console: Wii U | Hardware Sales: 5.86 Million | Software Sales: 29.37 Million | Attach Rate: 5.01″

This data illustrates some interesting details. Nintendo was unable to replicate the success of their initial NES and Game Boy consoles until the Wii and DS, which unsurprisingly are Nintendo’s best-selling consoles, and these consoles have the sold the most software. It is interesting to note that although the GameCube is sold less than any other Nintendo console (excluding the Wii U), it has the highest software attach rate at 9.59, which is a greater attach rate than both the NES and the Wii.

It is also interesting to see that the Wii U has a greater attach rate than the 3DS. Despite the 3DS selling better than some of the company’s other consoles, its software sales trail behind all of Nintendo’s consoles, excluding the Wii U. The 3DS is still in the middle of its life cycle, so software sales will continue to rise in the coming years, and it will be interesting to see how high sales reach.

IGN also chronicled some specific software sales for the DS, Wii, and 3DS, and a few Zelda titles manage to stand out. Ocarina of Time 3D has sold 2.95 million units worldwide, while A Link Between Worlds has recently sold 2.18 million units. A Link Between Worlds is looking to match and exceed the sales of Ocarina of Time 3D in a fraction of the time. GoNintendo has compiled an excellent list of all of the software sales mentioned by IGN, which can be found here.

Nintendo has achieved tremendous success since they set foot into the video game market, and it will be interesting to see how Nintendo’s future sales compare to that of its historic past. Nonetheless, Nintendo’s past successes cannot be denied, and the sales of both its hardware and software are a testament to that. Whether this success continues into the future lies entirely in Nintendo’s hands.

Source: IGN
Via: GoNintendo