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Qwertee is at it again with a fun Zelda-themed shirt that will make you throw your wallet at the computer screen! With all the Zelda shirts Qwertee has come out with in the recent(-ish) past, it is no surprise that they have released another winning design. If you are as excited as I was when I heard the good news, hit the jump to see the shirt and snap one up before they’re gone!

Qwertee 2

As you can see above, this shirt is shimmery fabulousness (yes I just used a fake word because the greatness of this shirt is in the realm of fantasy!) and deserves to be worn by all of us! Even as this article is being drafted, some of our staff are purchasing the shirt! But it’s only here for a limited amount of time. Qwertee designs are available for two days; during the first, the shirt is $12 or £8 and on the second day they are $14 or £10. They come in men’s, women’s and even children’s fits, and you can purchase up to two at once if you consider buying a gift.

Convinced yet? Then head here and gets yours before time runs out! As a bonus for you busy folk with multiple hobbies, there is also a Sailor Moon shirt available for today only, so if that tickles your spending bone a little bit more, then go grab it now! Once you get yours feel free to share the excitement and the fabulous moment by sending us a picture of you and your new Zelda paraphernalia.

Source: Qwertee
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