I have major anxiety about traveling, so its no secret that I always make a list of everything I need to pack months before a major trip. This creative fan-made list by I Am Leche depicts what Link might write down to remind himself to pack before heading out on a journey. Don’t forget to pack enough bottles, Link! Is the list missing anything important?

Source: I Am Leche
Via: XombieDIRGE
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  • Ben Drowned

    Maybe some masks(?)

  • Pablo Amieva Merigo

    replace Longshot for Double Clawshot, add the three transformation masks and add the three medallions just because

    • Ben Drowned

      I love the Double Clawshot!!

      • TristanTsunami

        It’s my favorite Zelda Item,

  • Daniele Colonnese

    There is no time, your sword is enough!

  • zelda fan big time

    no masks save that for majora stick with double claw shot get the sword and my catch phrase

    Keep Calm
    and save



  • LittleGreen

    You forgot the Ice Arrows! What would you do without the Ice Arrows? They’re a key element in Ocarina of Time!

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I have travelling anxiety too! I go to cons, and in the weeks leading up to one I have nightmares that I forget to bring my costumes or something. The Katsucon nightmares should start any day now…