Eggbusters, a show that I’m personally rather fond of and regularly feature on ZU, recently launched its “Season 2″… even though this is actually the third season. Yeah, Austin’s weird. But what matters is that he is back with another Zelda episode!

This time, our glitch-loving host explores a handheld title for the first time: Link’s Awakening. The glitch in this episode is a somewhat famous one in the Zelda community. It’s rather similar to the Twilight Princess episodes of Eggbusters, in that there are seemingly endless possibilities. By walking into a specific wall of a house, Link is transported into a realm of randomly generated sprites and overlapping areas. The result is invisible water, floating heads, and a boss battle with the Town Tools Shop.

So, while it may be familiar with many fans of the game, it’s amusing to watch simply because it’s so unpredictable. It’s also incredibly simple to pull off; so why not give it a try?

Source: YouTube