Zelda Project Painting

The Zelda Project is composed of a group of friends who seek to bring the characters, settings, and feel of Ocarina of Time to life through photography and film. Their latest work consists of the gorgeous picture above, which is a matte painting consisting of a photograph and painted images. The painted village blends in effortlessly with the rocky environment surrounding Link, and it makes it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is painted in. If you’d like to see how this matte painting was put together, you can hit the jump to check out some more images.

The above painting is the final matte painting. The image below is the original photo that was used as a reference for the painted portions:

Zelda Project Photo

Below are the additional details that were painted in:

Zelda Project paint 2

Zelda project paint 3

Credit goes to Behance for providing these spectacular images showcasing how the painting was put together!

Source: The Zelda Project, Behance
Via: Kotaku
  • Philip Akkerman

    So when is this project supposed to be completed? Because this stuff is the most legit Zelda fan-made media I think I’ve ever seen >.>

  • Ryano

    Everything I’ve seen from them is amazing. I agree with Philip, The Zelda Project is the best realization of Hyrule brought to life.

  • True Davad

    This stuff is incredible. So much real life Zelda detail. Goron Tunic, Hylian Shield, Scabbard, Kakariko Village, and all match the game so well. The ears are even pointed. The buildings are even placed similarly to Ocarina of Time. Incredible work.