BuzzFeed has come out with a quiz to gauge what Nintendo character you would be if you lived in Nintendo land. While the quiz is very unscientific in nature and should be taken with a grain of salt, it is a good bit of fun and many of the questions will give you a few laughs. The quiz can be taken here. Make sure to let us know what Nintendo character you receive in the comments section! Do you agree or disagree with your results?

Warning: This quiz contains mature content and references to adult themes throughout, so please take it at your own risk.

Source: BuzzFeed
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  • Morgan

    I got Samus, and then Ness

  • HylianHero

    I GOT LINK!! <3

  • diqus sucks

    l shaped Tetris block….wtf? 🙁

    • Trinosaur

      same xD

  • Jonathan Lahdo

    I got Ness

    • Ponkool4

      Me too. Now if only I could use PK powers…

  • TristanTsunami

    I got Link on the first shot, So happy,

    • Ariel Halpert

      Me too yay and twas all true!

  • Luciano Gianola

    Samus, then Link

  • Sasori

    Dixie Kong 😀

    Maybe I would get another result if I at least knew ANY of those party- songs.. XP

    • Sasori

      Wow.. now I redid the test, being honest to myself and even listening all the songs (except for one I couldn’t find), partially answering completely different, and guess what?
      I’m still Dixie Kong :D”

      No matter what I ever do, I am an ape, from head to toe.. 😛

  • Forbsz

    Ness awesome!

  • Forbsz

    Ness awesome!

  • Juan Antonio Guasco Pèrez

    You got: Link
    You’re a hopeless romantic, but you’re also pretty shy. You feel more at home in the outdoors, and you’d do anything for the people you love. Everyone is jealous of your hair.

  • Amanda

    I got Ness. it must be my love for pizza :p

  • VladNorris

    Link. Weird, I thought I would get something else.


  • Pedro

    yoohoooo link

  • 3AncientLights

    I got Ness. I don’t know how; I said I’d rather eat candy in bed, and that translated into “Always up for an adventure!” I thought I’d be Kirby for sure!

  • Anibal

    Um… Jigglypuff? I’m outta here.

    • Shinigami King

      I got jiggly puff too and it doesn’t even suit me. *eye twitches*

  • Erick Rosas

    dr.mario is best

  • Me

    Please come and contribute to making the longest comment thread in the world: http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2014/01/third-majoras-mask-tease-in-a-link-between-worlds/

  • The Doctor

    Donkey Kong. Who would have thought that his dream vacation is the moon?

  • Parker

    I’m Ness. Well, now that you mention it..

  • Grzanka

    Ahahah im Link 🙂

  • Jim the James

    Ness!!! 😀

  • Vladislak

    Heck yeah tetris block!

    But seriously, I had no idea what to choose for the party song. :/

  • Morgan

    For the thing about addictions, I didn’t know if they meant coke the drug or coke the drink. lol.

    • Melena

      I’d have to say coke the drink, but thats not what they meant!

  • Jaydon

    You got: Link
    You’re a hopeless romantic, but you’re also pretty shy. You feel more at home in the outdoors, and you’d do anything for the people you love. Everyone is jealous of your hair

  • Bob Bobbert

    Donkey Kong, get at me

  • Melena

    I’m Jigglypuff.

  • Nelly

    I will be mario

  • Parker

    I didn’t realize the I shaped Tetris block is a character… xDD

  • Steven Coulter

    I got Ness first, then redid it with my alternate choices and got Link. I’m cool with that.

  • Nick

    lmao i got the I-shaped tetris block. but their reasoning was pretty sound and accurate to what people tell me.

  • Nayru

    Mario XD

    • Ponkool4

      That’s what my sister got :p

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I got Dixie Kong ”
    You’re fun and sweet natured. Everybody likes you, and people who don’t are grumpy losers. You probably had a cupcake for breakfast. You secretly love One Direction.”
    I guess this is pretty accurate, lol. I don’t secretly love One Direction, but I do like that bubblegum pop sort of music because it’s just fun and happy. 😀

  • K2L

    Got Donkey Kong!! ^-^

  • mariomush

    I got Ness 😀

  • Ulises

    You got: Samus Aran

    You don’t have time for nonsense. People who walk slow on the
    sidewalk drive you nuts. You’re a confident go-getter and nobody’s gonna
    stand in your way.

    Yeah baby!!!!

  • Janette Kelly

    yay i got mario 🙂

  • Commander Zelda

    I didn’t know any of the party songs.

  • Marika Mrowiec

    i wanted to get zelda or link and i got a tetris block or something…….

  • Vaati

    ok i like Vaati most obscure zelda villan and favourite it suits me to

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