Let's Draw Zelda #1

Hello and welcome to a brand new ZUTV series called “Let’s Draw Zelda!” This series features artist Anette, who is a new and welcome addition to ZUTV. In this series, Anette will focus on drawing anything Zelda-related, and the videos will showcase the drawing process from start to finish, along with detailed explanations by Anette herself. In this episode, Anette creates a stunning Majora’s Mask drawing and details all the steps involved in its design along the way. Let’s Draw Zelda will run every other Thursday, so if you have an idea about something Zelda-related that you would like for her to draw, feel free to leave a comment on the YouTube video with any suggestions! If you enjoy Anette’s work, you can check out her YouTube channel here. Hit the jump to watch the debut of this brand new series.