Update: In our original explanation we missed some earlier steps to the glitch that were not in the video, as the creator originally only planned for it to be shown to others who were already in the Majora’s Mask glitch community and knew the other glitches involved. We apologize to our readers and have updated the post accordingly. Thank you for your patience.

YouTube user Indextic has discovered a glitch in Majora’s Mask that allows gamers to use the Song of Soaring as a means of fast-travel while just striking a single Owl Statue. The first step is to go to West Clock Town and strike a hidden Owl Statue by means of a glitch known as hovering. Next, play the Song of Soaring. When the Song of Soaring is finished playing, the game will automatically send you to the Great Bay. However, by moving your cursor to different locations on the map in the pause menu and then playing the Song of Soaring again, you can warp to a different region that corresponds to the location of different Owl Statues. This glitch will give you the ability to warp all over Termina without striking any of the other statues.

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Different map locations correspond to the various Owl Statues you will be able to warp to. The map locations selected by your cursor will be portrayed on the left, while the owl statues that correspond to these regions in which you will warp to are portrayed on the right side.

  • Great Bay -> Great Bay Coast
  • Zora Hall -> Zora Cape
  • Romani Ranch -> Snowhead
  • Deku Palace -> Mountain Village
  • Woodfall -> Clock Town
  • Clock Town -> Milk Road
  • Snowhead -> Woodfall
  • Ikana Graveyard -> Southern Swamp
  • Ikana Canyon -> Ikana Canyon
  • Goron Village -> Stone Tower
  • Stone Tower -> Dungeon Entrance (Softlock)

This glitch may help gamers fast-travel much more quickly if they haven’t found all of the Owl Statues in Majora’s Mask or if they are merely starting the game for the first time. This presents a brand new element of speed-running in the Zelda community, that up to this point wasn’t possible in Majora’s Mask. What are your thoughts about the glitch that has been uncovered so long after Majora’s Mask’s initial release? What effect will this have on speed-runners and die-hard Zelda fans alike?

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