A Link Between Worlds

Part of the beauty of A Link Between Worlds is the fluid movement of the characters and their environment. That was achieved by running the game at sixty frames-per-second. However, ALBW’s high frame rate doesn’t necessarily set the new standard for future Zelda games, as explained by director Hiromasa Shikata in a recent interview with Game Informer:

“It’s really the concept of the game that changes whether you want to keep the volume of information in the game low and running at 60 frames per second. We kept it at 60 to make the 3D look smooth, allow the players to clearly see enemy movements, and keep everything moving crisply as with previous games. This doesn’t mean that all future Zelda titles will run at 60 frames per second.”

Regardless of frame rate, the next Zelda installment is bound to be just as fun as the rest!

Source: Game Informer
Via: Go Nintendo