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In 2012, film-maker Kennedy Baruch released an award-winning Zelda short film called “Escape.” The short film featured a young girl who played The Legend of Zelda in order to escape from difficult times at school. If you enjoyed the short film, here is some good news; the short film is getting a feature-length film adaptation. The title of the film is now “Princess in Another Castle,” and it will follow a similar storyline to the original short film; however, the film will be set in 1996, with the lead character turning to classic NES games for comfort. The film is due out later this year, and Mr. Baruch stresses that the film will pay particular attention to detail regarding various video games. He also emphasizes that some artistic licenses will be taken for sake of the storyline. You can watch the announcement trailer after the jump.

Source: YouTube
Via: GoNintendo, Nintendo Life