Majora's Mask Corruptions - Vinesauce

If you need further evidence that the ghost of Ben is in fact very real, then I may have just the video for you. Vinesauce, who you may recall placed Sonic in Ocarina of Time as well as turning the game into a hellish glitch-fest, has now turned to Majora’s Mask for his latest “Corruptions” episode. Just in case you thought MM wasn’t creepy enough, Vinny is your man.

The video sees Link (once again) floating above Epona, the text jumbling to become more incomprehensible than actual Hylian, and the music warping to the point where it makes the “Song of Unhealing” sound like a nursery rhyme. Perhaps most disturbing of all is the fact that the Happy Mask Salesman is completely unaffected by the ROM hack. I never did trust that guy…

Source: YouTube
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  • Guest

    you shouldn’t have done that

  • ああ、この。。。ハハハ。素晴らしいですね。

    • Akhaten

      Oh, this. . . Ha ha ha. I love it.

      • Ixbran

        so that’s what the translation is apparently. I’m guessing he enjoys fans looking this deeply into the zelda games? Its nice knowing that, if this really is Aonuma, he does indeed like seeing what fans think of his games.

        : )

    • TristanTsunami

      I am half tempted to ask if this is really Eiji Aonuma-san…then I look at this text and think: “This looks more like Chinese than Japanese Kanji”, but then what do I know, I don’t know much Japanese.
      But IF (on the majorly slim chance) it is Eiji Aonuma-san; please keep up the great work, A Link Between Worlds was one of the best games I ever played. And I am eagerly awaiting what you guys come up with next.

      • Pajama Sam

        It is. Click his name.

  • Majora’s servant

    It looks like that Game Theory about Link being dead is true.

  • T. Gibson

    yeah right, ghost real. uh-huh.

  • Avion Harper

    The weird thing is how there was no face on link.