I’m a huge fan of consoles that are custom designed, and we’ve featured custom consoles before; mbtaylorproductions designed this unique Zelda-themed Nintendo 64 that was posted a few weeks ago. Well he’s been at it again, and this time I’d like to direct you to an awesome Adventure of Link NES! The console itself is very unique, and is very true to the style of Adventure of Link. The sword and Triforce are sculpted from clay, and the top portion of the console is painted with acrylic paints, while the bottom portion uses Rust-Oleum gold spray paint. The design of the controller itself is very reminiscent of the Adventure of Link cartridge, down to the typography. It’s a very cool Zelda-themed design, and the console itself is gorgeous. You can check out mbtaylorproductions’ full set of console designs here.

Source: deviantART