Link's Awakening remake by einen

I love everything about Link’s Awakening; the story, gameplay, music, and yes, even its graphics. It may be 20 years old, but that charming sprite art will never age. With that in mind, it speaks to how excellent this art by deviantART user einen really is, as it has convinced me that his idea of a conceptual remake looks simply fantastic.

He has used a screenshot of one of the more memorable sections of the game, where you take BowWow on a walk so that he can remove those giant plants blocking access to the next dungeon. He has re-styled all of the game’s assets in this scene–Link, water, trees and more– while maintaining all of the original proportions. It really is worth clicking for full-size to get a good look at the detail. Superb stuff–now just imagine the DX version remade this way!

Source: deviantART
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