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As many of you already know, Nintendo revealed a spin-off to the Zelda series titled Hyrule Warriors in today’s Nintendo Direct. There’s a lot of things going on in the trailer that could easily be overlooked, or just outright missed. Our very own ZUTV has posted a trailer analysis of Hyrule Warriors up on YouTube, with Hombre de Mundo providing a detailed analysis of the trailer. There’s quite a bit of content packed into this short trailer, and Hombre does a great job of breaking it down and picking out interesting and important details within it. You can check out the full trailer analysis after the jump.

  • Zeller

    I think as a spin-off this is great for the Zelda franchise, it’s different, but it looks like Zelda and hopefully it feels like Zelda. Like Mario has Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc and Pokemon has Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Conquest, I think this’ll do the Zelda franchise wonders. Added up with the hype main Zelda games already bring, this’ll give the franchise a different alternative for players if it turns out well, i’m PRETTY excited as you can tell 🙂

  • Joseph Parsons

    i have play

    Dynasty Warrior for years so i no what the blue and red r the red it what you have to take over to move on in the game blue is what has ben takeing by you it not that off as a Dynasty Warrior game it just look more Nintendo looking it looks like fun i no il be get in it day it comes out

    • Luciano Gianola

      *takes away your keyboard*

      • justinpr1234

        *punches* *takes back keyboard* *gives keyboard to Joseph*

        • Luciano Gianola

          You madman. You know not what you do.

          • justinpr1234

            i do know what i do i punch you

  • justinpr1234

    i think this is the link from the skyward sword comic in hyrule historia just insted of red there’s blue