Zelda Williams was born to the famous Academy Award-winning Robin Williams, whose love of the original Legend of Zelda caused him to name his daughter after the titular character in the game. While being named after a famous video game character does not guarantee that one will love Nintendo, or even video games as a whole, Zelda Williams seems to have inherited this from her father and recently spoke to GoNintendo about what distinguishes Nintendo from Microsoft and Sony. Hit after the jump to see what Zelda had to say!

Since Zelda has done TV spots in the past to promote Nintendo products, many falsely believed that Zelda in fact works for the Big N. This is false. Some also believed her love of video games was merely camera fodder for publicity. This was also false. Zelda clarified this in her talk with GoNintendo.

“I’d like to start by saying that I don’t work for Nintendo. I did those commercials with my dad years ago now and enjoyed them thoroughly, but the belief that my love of gaming is false and created for those spots has plagued me ever since. I’d like to state, for hopefully the last time, that it is not. I was named after a video game by two parents (and a brother) that love them. I didn’t have to love them too… but, like many of you, I do, and hopefully always will.”

Zelda also reminds us that Nintendo systems are what so many of us grew up with and played with our parents, siblings, and our friends as children. While other systems may be impressive, they don’t leave behind the nostalgia that long-lasting quality that Nintendo does.

Now, I won’t pretend to only have one system in my house. Like most video game players, I’ve tried my hand at every company’s platform. But unlike Nintendo, the Xbox or the Playstation will never be the system I grew up with. It will never be the creator of the first games I ever played, the one’s that made me love gaming. Those are games I still play with my parents, my brothers, my family, and hopefully always will. So while some people are quick to critique Nintendo for not changing with the hyper-realistic, violent times, I commend them for sticking to their family friendly guns (irony intended). And here’s why.

I will never be nostalgic for the first Halo. I don’t go back to replay old Call of Duty games when the newer, shinier ones come out. And while those games and their legacies are impressive, I doubt we’ll be buying antiquated systems or rereleased discs to play them again in all their obsolete glory decades from now. I will happily continue to do so for Nintendo. And while I wouldn’t want to imagine a gaming world without those other companies and games (I do so love me some Master Chief), I can’t imagine a gaming world without Nintendo. And hopefully I’ll never have to.

Happy Holidays all.

How many copies do you own of Ocarina of Time? Or the original Legend of Zelda through the Nintendo eShop or Virtual console? This is exactly the point that Zelda is making. While the games from Microsoft and Playstation are impressive, they don’t carry the same longevity as Nintendo’s titles. Almost 30 years later Legend of Zelda is still considered a classic and played worldwide, spanning 17 proper sequels (not including re-releases or remakes). Could the same be said of Halo 30 years down the road? Or Gears of War? Nintendo has crafted some of the most wonderfully designed and nostalgic gaming experiences in the past 25 years, from Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Mega Man, and many others. Final Fantasy even began on the Nintendo Entertainment system. In 25 years, what will Sony and Microsoft’s claim to fame be?

Like so many of us, Ms. Williams grew up with Nintendo systems and continues to play the same games she did as a child with her family and friends. She says that she can’t imagine the gaming world without Nintendo, and without their legacy the gaming industry wouldn’t have become the multibillion dollar industry it is today. While Nintendo has struggled of late, they still continue to put out triple A content for their systems and as long as they do that, Zelda Williams won’t have to worry about living in a gaming world without Nintendo at its epicenter.

Source: GoNintendo