In strange legal news, James Burt, an Australian gamer who was sued by Nintendo in 2010, has received a limited-edition Ganon figure directly from Nintendo. James was guilty of illegally copying New Super Mario Bros. Wii and making it available for download online. He was sued by Nintendo to the tune of $1.5M AUD, which is about 1.3 million U.S. dollars. With no explanation, James was summoned to his local EBGames and was given the Wind Waker HD Ganon figure in a brown box. It’s important to note that this figure is not available in Australia.

James had the following to say about his situation:

“James Burt from Australia here, just saying I think it’s ironic that out of everyone in Australia they could have chosen, I get given a Ganon statue for being a good customer of Nintendo.

This was the same statue given out in the UK for Wind Waker HD pre-orders, however was not here in Aus. I was told I was chosen from Nintendo and received it today. I’m very grateful they chose me, don’t get me wrong and I do still love Nintendo even after being sued.

UPDATE: I was given a phone call from my local EBGames saying Nintendo chose me and to come pick it up. No actual reason for winning and EBGames had no info on it just that I won. No papers came with it just the figure in a Nintendo brown box.”

James admits he was wrong, and states he is still a Nintendo fan. So, what do you think? Strange coincidence, or peace offering?

Source: Reddit
Via: Nintendo Life