The line “It’s a secret to everybody” is one of the franchise’s most iconic phrases, appearing in many Zelda games since the original. It is no surprise then that this moment made its way into A Link Between Worlds too. Hit the jump to learn about the full moment, and beware, this post contains spoilers!

While going through Thieves’ Hideout in Lorule, Link rescues woman simply known as “Thief Girl,” and the two work together to clear the dungeon. Upon completing it, Thief Girl will leave Link’s company. If the player then explores  north of the Swamp Palace, they will find the Thief Girl in a cave!

At first she asks Link if he recognizes her (while wearing a mask that is very similar to the Keaton Mask from Majora’s Mask) before pulling it off for a brief moment to remind Link who she is. She tells Link that she left Thieves’ Town because it freaked her out, and proceeds to tell him that he can open the chest inside of the cave and claim the reward as thanks for helping her. Upon opening the chest, Link acquires a Silver Rupee (worth 100 Rupees), and the Thief Girl states her version of the iconic phrase:


It’s a cool little easter egg that pays homage to Zelda games of the past, and is a very neat moment in the game. Have you experienced this moment? What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Tiny Cartridge