DeviantArt user mbtaylorproductions (also known as Matt Taylor) has posted a photo of his very cool, custom painted Majora’s Mask Nintendo 64! The console and controller were painted to match each other, and are based on a Majora’s Mask theme. When I think Majora’s Mask, I generally don’t associate it with this particular color scheme, but it is still beautiful and works quite nicely! The lime green provides a surprisingly great contrast to the darker green, and these colors make the Majora’s Mask itself look quite creepy. The Hylian text across the bottom of the Nintendo 64, as well as the numerous symbols painted is beautiful and adds a nice touch to the overall design; the amount of detail put into this design is amazing. In fact, it took Taylor 8 hours to paint this! The console and controller have already been sold to some lucky fan, but you can check out some more of his painted N64s, among his other works on his DeviantArt page.

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Source: DeviantArt