play with your food

A continuation of last week’s episode, TJ Smith and crew gather around a campfire in the Lost Woods for a Zelda-style dinner.  Episodes two and three go over themes, design and new gaming features. You can watch both videos after the jump.

Episode 2: Transformations

Whether it’s going from Hyrule to Lorule, Hylian to wolf, or child to adult, a recurring theme in the Zelda series is transformation. In this episode, the guys discuss not only Link’s transformation, but that of the series itself.

Episode 3: The Bomb

If there was an award for best new feature, the stamina bar in A Link Between Worlds would win hands down. How awesome is it that you no longer have to ration your arrows and bombs? The guys agree, the stamina bar should become a standard in all future games!

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Source: Nintendo
Featuring: Michael DavisJosh JepsonJirard KhalilMichael SchroederJD Witherspoon & TJ Smith
Via: Go Nintendo