ZeldaUniverseTV is now home to a brand new series featuring one of our very own webmasters, Cody, in a weekly series called Cody’s Rant. Because of Cody’s passion for the Zelda franchise, he loves to take the opportunity to complain about it and find ways to improve upon it. In this inaugural episode, Cody rants about the uselessness and novelty of most block puzzles and how they aren’t truly “puzzles”. Hit after the jump to view Cody’s latest rant in its entirety!

Do you agree with Cody that the Zelda series does things for the sake of tradition? Are block puzzles a novelty that should be done away with? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out Cody’s newest rant next week on ZeldaUniverseTV!

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