A glitch has been discovered  in A Link Between Worlds by Youtube user Master0fHyrule that allows for the player to skip the boss fight in the Skull Woods dungeon in Lorule. Master0fHyrule writes in his description of the video that the trick is relatively easy to pull off, and that this glitch will be particularly useful in speedruns of the game. Wanna learn how to perform the glitch and see the glitch in action? Hit the jump, and possible spoilers ahead!

Skull Woods Glitch

Master0fHyrule described how to perform the glitch in the video description, stating:

“To perform this glitch, just follow these steps:

1. Equip the tornado rod
2. When the hand is ready to charge, use the tornado rod to fly up in the air
3. As you land back down, press Up on the joypad.”

From what I can understand, as Link is landing from the Tornado Rod, Knucklemaster is not affected by the Tornado Rod, and is capable of pushing Link. Because of this, by pressing up on the joypad, Link will be able to glitch through the wall (in which a door would normally appear after defeating the boss), allowing him to bypass the battle altogether. A pretty nifty trick I would say! Let us know if this glitch works for you!

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Source: Youtube
Via: GoNintendo
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